Direct Sales Pickup

Contactless pickup of fresh roasted coffee in Leesburg VA.

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About Us

I’ve had an interest in coffee for many years and I’ve also had the privilege of living in some great coffee areas. I’ve been in Seattle and Dallas both are near big ports where great coffee from all over the world is imported and both are home to a variety of small batch roasters. Having recently moved to Leesburg I wanted to step up my own coffee game and started roasting at home with an electric commercial fluid bed roaster. When the pandemic hit.. I realized it was something I could offer to my neighbors as well.. so I started Rocket Cat Coffee. You may see Rocket watching you from the window when you pick up your coffee at our no-contact box in Country Club. She is a friend to all and likes to sit and watch the birds and squirrels and chipmunks that frequent our front yard.


Where to Find Us

925 Chancellor St SW, Leesburg 20175

How it Works


As a Virginia Community Food Producer all sales must take place in person either at a farmers market type of venue or through direct sales. I’ve placed this pickup box at my home so that you can easily get your fresh roasted coffee when your order is ready. 


Once roasted I’ll package up your beans in a kraft paper bag with one-way valve (to let the excess CO2 out), place your coffee in the box and notify you that it’s ready for pickup. For best results you should pick it up within 24 hours.  


Payment (if due) can be inserted along the top edge of the metal box inside.  We now offer personal delivery of your coffee which you can select at checkout of the online store. 

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